Representatives from IFF-LMR were in attendance to showcase some of their flagship materials from a number of categories, all of which were available to smell, at speed, during the evening. The company specialises in sourcing natural materials from all over the globe, focusing on sustainability and fairness at the very core of its business. But what is Speed Smelling? Well, Speed Smelling is a lot like speed dating, but much more exciting. Essentially, we were given ten minutes to spend with two IFF-LMR natural materials that were presented to us on each table, of which there were eight in total. After the materials were presented in isolation, we were invited to experience a perfume composition with and without one of the materials, to highlight how the material can be used within a typical fragrance. Whilst the Speed Smelling was certainly quick, the experience was illuminating and we had the opportunity to really get to grips with these fantastic materials, both in and out of perfume compositions, to see what they add to a perfume and how they change when placed in the context of a composition. Each of the tables had a different theme, whether that be vegan materials, materials that are certified as fair, and new materials. The selection was diverse and traversed, not only the wide- ranging olfactory families, but also the far reaches of the globe, bringing together 16 fantastic IFF- LMR materials. We smelled:.

TETRA: Terrestrial Trunked Radio System

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It also possesses a spectrum analyzer with the best spectral purity in an LMR test set. It was the first software-defined LMR test set, and the first and only portable test set with the complete functionality and spectral purity of a benchtop unit. Our R, introduced in , is the industry’s only fully portable, full-featured LMR test set. Weighin less with 14 pounds including its standard internal Lithium Ion internal battery, the R boasts the same leading RF performance and spectral purity of the the R, while also boasting a set of premium ergonomic features, a brilliant color-enhanced LCD and MIL-SPEC Class 3 shock and vibration rating.

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Forum Public Forum: Dating Dealing with LMR: why you must no You need to log in to create posts and topics. Dealing with LMR: why you.

Genuine discussion about redpill is fine, blatant promotion of redpill is not allowed. I realize it’s a fine line so here are some guidelines:. No pseudoscience can be used to argue your point eg women are hypergamous. Prove it or don’t say it Your anecdotes are also not a replacement for real data and will not be allowed in discussion if your goal is to make sweeping statements about a gender or human interaction.

Discuss the idea all you want but unless you first prove your premise is true it’s not going to be allowed in argument. If you try to argue in favor of redpill “because of hypergamy,” your comment will be deleted. Continued use of pseudoscience to support your claims will result in a ban. This goes for both sides of the argument but considering this is extrp, I’m really only looking at the redpillers who feel the need to post here.

Unless specifically requested by the OP, this is not a forum to debate the merits of redpill. Attempts to derail a conversation into a defense tirade of redpill will result in deleted comments. Continued attempts will result in a ban. Here you can find resources on how to change the way you think about yourself, men, women and relationships. You can also share and discuss stories about how you realized your thought processes were problematic.

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Either your web browser doesn’t support Javascript or it is currently turned off. In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. Mutation rate varies along the human genome, and part of this variation is explainable by measurable local properties of the DNA molecule.

Moreover, mutation rates differ between orthologous genomic regions of different species, but the drivers of this change are unclear. Here, we use data on human divergence from chimpanzee, human rare polymorphism, and human de novo mutations to predict the substitution rate at orthologous regions of non-human mammals.

Well, Speed Smelling is a lot like speed dating, but much more exciting. Essentially, we were given ten minutes to spend with two IFF-LMR.

A total of 3, public-safety LMR license applications filed during have been granted by the FCC, with another applications pending as of yesterday, according to ULS data. The 3, granted public-safety applications would represent 4. If all pending applications are approved, the 3, figure would mean the decrease would narrow to a 1. Of the public-safety LMR applications still pending before the FCC, 79 were submitted by Los Angeles County during the last week of that seek licenses to utilize T-Band spectrum that has been frozen by the FCC while policymakers try to determine the future of T-Band frequencies.

In the business-industrial arena, the FCC has granted 10, applications that were submitted during , with another 26 applications pending. If all of the pending applications are approved, the 10, licenses would represent a 0. Despite the recent increased activity, the business-industrial LMR licensing figures are not especially encouraging.