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A new Netflix show about an Indian matchmaker catering to the high demands of potential brides and grooms, and their parents, has stoked an online debate about arranged marriages in the country. The eight-part series “Indian Matchmaking” premiered on Netflix on Thursday and is currently among its top ranked India shows. It features Sima Taparia, a real-life matchmaker from Mumbai, who offers her services to families within India and abroad.

Arranged marriages in India see parents leading efforts to find a suitable match for their children. The show has become a subject of memes and jokes, and criticism, on how individuals and their parents are picky and have a long list of demands that centre around factors like caste, height or skin colour. The show “makes very clear how regressive Indian communities can be.

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Matches are very often made locally yet. This is very common among the farming classes, even to this day. There is now no recognised match maker, but when a Farmers’ son is looking for a suitable girl to be his wife, he or his people make inquiries among other farmer friends. This sometimes happens at fairs or markets where they meet and talk of such subjects.

If a suitable girl is thought to be spoken of, the boy’s friends go on a visit of inspection to see her father and his place or farm and also to see the girl and judge of her suitability. If things are considered to be all right mention is made of the match proposed, her dowry is talked of and if acceptable or nearly so a favourable report is made to the boy’s father or friends if he or they were not themselves in the visitation.

I mean if the father was not there himself or his spokeman. Next a meet of both sides is arranged but not the boy or girl yet. It at this meeting the match is settled. Kilkenny Teacher: M. It at this meeting the match is settled continues on next page. Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project. Kilkenny Language English.

Netflix takes on the fine art of Indian Matchmaking

This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. I grew up always expecting an arranged marriage. Several happy couples I knew were introduced by their families, and my own Pakistani parents met for the first time on their wedding day.

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Photo by Brumley and Wells via Once Wed. Most of us have been in this situation. We’re guests at a wedding, and the ceremony is over. We’re waiting for the bridal party to return from their photo session and we just don’t know anyone. It’s tough! You stand there kind of awkwardly, trying not to look at your watch while you hope they just show up already so you can sit down to dinner.

Of course, you sit down to dinner and run out of things to talk about with your seat mates within five minutes. You love your friends and want to support them at their wedding, but there’s an awfully long night ahead! We’ve got the solution.

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By Anika Jain on August 19, While the two lovers have the opportunity to go on actual dates and have some liberties when it comes to deciding their spouse, Sima Aunty is more or less setting up arranged marriages — an ancient tradition in many Asian countries, especially in India. In addition to these superficial preferences, families are very clear about their desire to match their children with a spouse from a high caste — despite the abolishment of the Indian caste system in Rather, it is unapologetically Indian, from the glamorization of fair skin to the marital pressure from families.

Notwithstanding the intense colorism and classism, the stakes for these singles is much higher than any other reality TV show. Now, this is not to say that arranged marriages are entirely forced and restrictive. As an Indian American myself, more than half of the married couples I grew up around had arranged marriages, including my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.


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‘India Matchmaking‘ holds a mirror to our society. enough misogyny, gender biases, girl shaming, big fat Indian wedding tamasha going on free movement, node-based movement can be used in virtual reality (VR) games.

I was in the middle of an editorial meeting at the newspaper I worked for in when it came out of nowhere: an overwhelming sense of fear, the trembling hands, the absolute certainty that my heart was going to burst out of my chest. It would be years before I understood that what I had experienced that day — and would on three subsequent occasions — was a panic attack.

I was 24, and just two hours before, my parents had called to ask me to be home on time that night. I had no intention of watching it. I had been there, done that, gotten the T-shirt and made a bonfire from it. It is a practice that is followed in several Middle Eastern countries, Japan and Turkey, among others. They all came recommended through friends and family, that larger collective that works very hard to bring together not two individuals but two families — mirror images of one another, both wearing a thick cloak of respectability going back generations — into a union, under the guise of pragmatism, that promotes caste and economic hegemony.

Vyasar, as he worries throughout the show, would have indeed found the going very tough. What did I mean I was uncomfortable with the questions he asked?

A match arranged in a board game

Follow Us. A young friend showed me what is called a pre-wedding video—a couple in their mid-twenties sashayed around a dance studio doing an elaborate waltz. I then found out that the couple had been set up by their families just a couple of months back and had then obediently fallen in love. The friend informed me it was arranged love.

Your families also right-swipe each other. Not everyone watching Indian Matchmaking was quite that pragmatic.

Playing with Matches: Matchmaking as Authorship in the. Nineteenth-Century Marriage Plot. Colleen Cusick. The Graduate Center, City University of New York.

In traditional Russia, a wedding was one of the most complex rituals But there was nothing simple about Russian weddings of the old. To better understand the intricate custom, follow us on a journey through time and relive it all in the form of correspondence from a Russian peasant girl who, incidentally, is proficient in the English language to her English girlfriend. With these melancholic songs, we lament the ending of a life before marriage.

You asked to know more about Russian courtship and weddings. It was the time of Svyatki , when young people are allowed to gather together in a rented house to play games, charades, and get to know each other better. That is where I first met Alexey — or Leshka, as he prefers to call himself. There were about twenty of us, mostly girls, as it always is in the Russian villages.

We drank all night, partying and laughing, and Leshka sat on my lap during one of the games — a sign that he likes me and wants to court me.

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